A doctor to your doorstep

Bringing back traditional home visit system in india. To ensure continum of care. We are available from Morning to Evening and all days of week.

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Handpicked doctors

All the doctors are specially selected and handpicked with board experience. Fluent in hindi, english, kannada and telugu. We treat patients of all ages. From babies to 100 year old’s.

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Schedule a Appointment Now

Schedule your appointment online, in three steps:

1. Call us

2. Give Us Patient Details

3. Schedule the Appointment

That’s it! Your doctor will call you before arrival.


Search for your postcode and select a free hour from the list.

The doctor calls

The doctor calls in advance of the visit, from a hidden number.

You get a visit

The doctor has the necessary medical equipment and the opportunity to take samples.

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Need help? Get in touch!

If you need assistance when scheduling your housecall, please get in touch with our team through chat (the purple chat-button), mail us at or call us at +91 77950 59301


We’re open all days 

(6AM -8.30PM).

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